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How do you deliver the very best guest experience for a frictionless stay?

That’s the question that Mike Rawson – Chief Information Officer at citizenM hotels was asking.

As an organisation that prides itself on delivering a frictionless stay that meets the demand of the modern traveller, citizenM hotels needed to make sure its technology could live up to that promise. Before they approached Nevaya, this wasn’t the case. They were dealing with challenges that you’re probably familiar with.

Challenges like:

– Unreliable on-site servers prone to downtime
– Old technology that was slow to fix and difficult to update
– A TV and Streaming provision that didn’t support every device or include the most-watched apps.

In short, citizenM hotels technology stack didn’t support their commitment to providing the best possible guest experience, so they went looking for a partner who could support their guest-centric approach and support a global roll-out of new and improved casting, TV and Wi-Fi services. And that’s why they came to Nevaya.

We were incredibly proud to be chosen by the citizenM hotels team to deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based tech stack with an API-first approach.

We delivered:

– The only hospitality casting solution approved by Google
– Simple, streamlined in-room access to multiple streaming apps and full Android + Apple device compatibility
– API integrations to automatically pair with citizenM hotels in-room iPads

And the results for citizenM hotels guests?

Smarter tech, deeper insights and a superior guest experience. Too many great results to go into here, but our full case study on working with citizenM explains how we:

– Increased guest engagement
– Increased guest satisfaction
– Supported new marketing efforts and guest offers
– Upgraded TV and Wi-Fi solutions alongside our casting provision
– Provided a single, effective ecosystem that delivers on citizenM hotels promise – reducing friction for every guest stay.

See exactly what Mike Rawson and his team thought about working with Nevaya and how we solved their guest entertainment and experience problems.

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