About Nevaya.

We want everyone to feel inspired by their in-stay digital guest experience.

Nevaya started life in 2003 and pivoted in 2017 to become a global guest experience SaaS platform. Today we provide a host of casting, WiFi and analytical solutions to 1000s of hotels in over 40 countries.

By combining a strong knowledge of the hospitality sector and cutting-edge technology, we deliver intuitive in-stay guest experiences, which allow our users to connect seamlessly with their surroundings and stream their own content. By connecting guests and hospitality brands together through an innovative and flexible approach, we aim to create an in-stay digital experience that is as unique as our users.

We are a team of exceptional individuals working together on one clear goal – to help hoteliers to give their guests a better stay.

James Richmond

Co-Founder & CEO

James has been providing strategic leadership at Nevaya as co-founder and CEO since the company’s inception in 2003.

He believes that success is not just about the final outcome, but the journey and the lessons learned along the way and this can be seen in the group’s decision to become a SaaS-based business in 2017, which has seen Nevaya broaden its reach in guest experience.

James is inspired by the pace of technological change in hospitality and anticipates a future of memorable experiences, seamless connectivity and not being forced to watch what the hotel wants you to watch.

Ben Clifford

Co-Founder & CTO

Ben’s hotel career began at the age of 10 when he got a job sorting beer bottles before school, but he soon realised that technology was more profitable and three years later started managing Novell netware networks.

While at the University of Surrey, he created an OTA as part of his final year dissertation and went on to produce Nevaya’s first product; a Linux distribution for managing guest wifi, a year later in 2003. A few years later he designed cloud-scale WiFi systems for over 300 retail stores. Subsequently, he created Nevaya’s cloud platform.

His technical ability, attention to detail and strategic vision has put Nevaya at the forefront of the sector’s SaaS providers and ensured that they are the only Chromecast solution approved by Google.

Nick Mason


Nick joined the company in 2023, having known the team at Nevaya for some time. He is fresh to the hospitality sector, but not to growing businesses and is eager to deploy his knowledge to help Nevaya expand around the world.

Nick believes that this is an exciting time for the hotel industry as it embraces technology and its potential, with Nevaya well-placed to lead this period of change and innovation.

Prior to joining Nevaya Nick spent 10 years at Saddleback, the UK home of elite performance cycles.

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