Enhanced guest experiences.

Uninterrupted home experience.

Guests never have to feel the frustration of a break in their box-set viewing or struggle to view their favourite entertainment on the small screen of their device.

Watch what you want.

Guests can open the apps they already know without the need to remember login details or download content.

No hidden surprises.

Free and easy for guests to use, eliminating any unwelcome surprises of extra charges, and making it user-friendly for all.

Simple and easy to install.

Integrates with the existing hotel network, with the Chromecast plugging into the room television.

Custom in-room TV interface, displaying how the guest can connect their device.

Getting guests connected is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Once in the room, guests connect their devices to the hotel WiFi.


Opening the ‘Casting’ section on the TV will bring up a QR code for the guest to scan.


Once loaded, guests will be able to cast their content and apps to the screen.

Generate revenue with valuable data.

NevayaCast offers hoteliers a wealth of valuable insights into
the behaviour and preferences of their guests.

Our advanced analytics allows operators to see real-time guest channel viewing trends versus content guests are streaming to the TV – often reducing the cost of premium channel subscriptions that are rarely accessed.

The Nevaya Portal enables visibility of the trends of your guests, for example, are they spending hours watching Netflix or listening to music. Using the insights you are able to make informed decisions such as should the hotel offer in-room dining, or maybe even remove expensive pay TV channels that could be underutilised.

Additionally, with the depth of data you are able to monitor and ensure that the provision of the service is optimal and proactively address issues before they occur.

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