NevayaOne has been designed to dramatically simplify what is often a complex configuration of dongles, set-top boxes and connectivity. Compatibility becomes almost universal and ongoing maintenance burdens are minimised.

See how easy it is for guests to connect their devices and play their own content to the room.

Driving streaming into the cloud.

Numa branded in-room TV interface using NevayaOne technology.

Nevaya has long pioneered cloud technology for hotel guest services. As far back as 2008 Nevaya was deploying solutions in hotels based on true cloud principles.

Our continual development and solving the challenges of scaling services to thousands of deployments has allowed us to deliver more and more functionality without installing equipment at your hotel. Our platform spans 26 regions over 3 cloud providers to take advantage of the features, speed and security by companies such as AWS, Google and Alibaba Cloud.

NevayaOne: International Patent Pending – PCT/GB2023/050992

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